3. Perform shallow discharges

5/21/2012 by VapeLady

Instead of discharging to 0% all the time, lithium-ion batteries do best when you discharge them for a little bit, then charge them for a little bit. The table below, from Battery University, shows that discharges to 50% are better for your battery's long-term life than, say, small discharges to 90% or large discharges to 0% (since the 50% discharges provide the best number of cycles-to-usage ratio).

Depth of discharge Discharge cycles

Cycle life and depth of discharge

A partial discharge reduces stress and prolongs battery life. Elevated temperature and high currents also affect cycle life.

100% DoD

50% DoD

25% DoD

10% DoD





Summary: We are talking about electronic cigarette batteries that are being charged with "smart" charging devices. All things considered, including these facts about DoD and cycles, you should "automagically" get a considerable number larger than advertised cycles out of your Electronic Cigarette Battery. And here is why...

This may not be the case with ALL Electronic Cigarette batteries and chargers but the standard that we have found is as follows:

  • The battery discharges as we vape
  • The light flashes indicating it needs to be charged
  • Putting a volt meter on a flashing battery reads around 3.0V
  • We put it on the charger and the charging light turns red
  • After an hour or two, the charger light goes green
  • When the light turns green, the battery is no longer charging
  • The volt meter reads around 4.1V
  • Rinse and repeat...
Effectively, we are performing a 25% discharge every time we perform that cycle. That means we should get around 2500 cycles per battery in a perfect world, which is GREAT news! Now honestly, I do not expect to ever get 2500 cycles out of a battery but it is good to know that just charging and using the battery through the normal cycle listed above is effectively getting a great life out of the battery.

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