5. Keep it cool

5/21/2012 by VapeLady

Most people overlook this one. The simple fact is that excess heat is not good for your battery and will significantly shorten its lifespan. See the table below (source Battery University) - a hot battery will degrade in health much quicker than a cool one.

Battery Temperature

Permanent capacity loss when
stored at 40% state-of-charge
(recommended storage charge level)

Permanent capacity loss when
stored at 100% state-of-charge
(typical user charge level)





2% loss, 1 year; 98% remaining

4% loss, 1 year; 96% remaining

15% loss, 1 year; 85% remaining

25% loss, 1 year 75%; remaining

6% loss, 1 year; 94% remaining

20% loss, 1 year; 80% remaining

35% loss, 1 year; 65% remaining

      40% loss, 3 months

Summary: We highly recommend, for example that you not leave your electronic cigarette on your car dashboard or lying out in the sun at the cottage on the lake this summer. We also highly discourage baking your battery in an oven.

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