8. Recycle your Batteries

5/21/2012 by VapeLady

Lithium batteries contain metallic lithium that reacts violently when in contact with moisture and the batteries must be disposed of appropriately. If thrown in a landfill in a charged state, heavy equipment operating on top could crush the cases and the exposed lithium would cause a fire. Landfill fires are difficult to extinguish and can burn for years underground. Whenever possible, before recycling, apply a full discharge to consume the lithium content.

Recycle Vape Mate participates in and supports the battery recycling program. We ask that our customers participate as well. Please dispose of your batteries properly by dropping them at an approved recycling drop-off location.
For any of our customers that are unable to find an approved drop-off location for our Electronic Cigarette batteries, we invite you to send them to us and we will dispose of them properly.
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