9. Summary of Do’s and Don’ts

5/21/2012 by VapeLady

This will provide suggestions on how to extend battery life by following simple guidelines. While the other parts of this FAQ provide details on the how, when and why, this is "The Big Kahuna" of Do's and Don’ts with your batteries. The source of this information is Battery University.

Battery care Lithium-ion: Cobalt, manganese, phosphate
Best way to charge Partial and random charge is fine; does not need full charge; lower voltage limit preferred; keep battery cool.
Charge methods Constant voltage to 4.20V/cell; no trickle charge; battery can stay in charger
Rapid charge = 3h
Fast charge = 1h
Discharge Prevent full cycles, apply some charge after a full discharge to keep the protection circuit alive.
How to prolong battery Keep cool, battery lasts longest when operating in mid state-of-charge of 20–80%. Prevent ultra-fast charging and high loads.
Storage Store at 40% charge in cool place (40% SoC reads 3.75–3.80V/cell)
Disposal Can be disposed of in low volume
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