Electronic Cigarette Battery Facts

1. Safety Concerns with Li-ion

5/21/2012 by VapeLady
Safety is a sensitive issue that gets much media and legal attention, especially with Li-ion batteries. Any energy storage device carries a risk...

2. Battery Memory

5/22/2012 by VapeLady
The short answer is: No, li-ion batteries do not have a "memory" meaning that you do not have to fully charge/discharge the battery to maintain capacity...

3. Perform shallow discharges

5/21/2012 by VapeLady
Lithium-ion batteries do best when you discharge them for a little bit, then charge them for a little bit. But consider this...

4. Don't leave it fully charged

5/21/2012 by VapeLady
Lithium-ion batteries don't need to be charged all the way to 100%. In fact, the life expectancy is greatly improved if they do not remain fully charged for any length of time...

5. Keep it cool

5/21/2012 by VapeLady
Most people overlook this one. The simple fact is that excess heat is not good for your battery and will significantly shorten its lifespan...

6. Charging at High and Low Temperatures

5/22/2012 by VapeLady
Rechargeable batteries operate in a wide temperature range but this does not give license to charge them at extreme temperatures...

7. Charging from a USB Port

5/21/2012 by VapeLady
The Universal Serial Bus (USB) was introduced in 1996 and has since become one of the most widespread and convenient interfaces for electronic devices...

8. Recycle your Batteries

5/21/2012 by VapeLady
Vape Mate participates in and supports the battery recycling program. We ask that our customers participate as well...

9. Summary of Do’s and Don’ts

5/21/2012 by VapeLady
This will provide suggestions on how to extend battery life by following simple guidelines...
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