Biansi ELife Maintenance

BIANSI ELife Electronic Cigarette/Personal Vaporizer Maintenance

BIANSI ELife Structure Breakdown

The ELife Electronic Cigarette has several components as illustrated in the photo above.

These instructions cover some of the common maintenance tasks that can be performed on the ELife components that will help to extend the life of the device. These instructions are not intended to replace any other instructions but as an addendum. If you have Internet access, YouTube is another good source for instructional videos on general and advanced maintenance tasks.

Biansi ELife Power Components Maintenance Cleaning

Power Components (Battery and Charger) should be cleaned on a regular basis using a clean and dry (NOT wet) cloth, paper towel, tissue, Q-Tip or other soft material of some sort. Wipe any dirt, sand or buildup from the connectors. “Gunk” on the connectors of the charger and/or battery can cause a short in the device or prevent the battery from charging properly.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Biansi ELife Atomizer coil

The Heating Element (Atomizer) consists of two separate pieces. The Coil Housing and the Coil itself. These can be cleaned and "Dry Burned" on a regular basis, when you notice liquid within the housing and/or a reduced output of vapour from the device. There may also be a significantly visible buildup of "gunk" on the coil. The best and safest method that we have found is to rinse the coil thoroughly under hot water. Then use a soft bristle brush to clean the coil (use caution not to bend or deform the coil). When finished cleaning, allow the coil to dry completely. You can use a hair dryer or other methods to dry the coil faster. When it has been completely dried, place it back in the housing and attach it to a charged battery (without the cartridge component) and press the switch for 3-5 seconds and release. You will see vapour produced. This is the excess moisture and remaining “gunk” burning from the coil. Repeat pressing/releasing the switch until the coil begins to glow red (like a toaster coil) and stop. Using the soft bristle brush, again using caution not to damage the coil, clean the excess burnt remains from the coil. Be patient when performing a dry burn as depending on how much residue has built on the coil, it could take many repetitions of pressing the button. After performing a burn the coil is completely dry so you MUST re-prime the coil with a couple of drops of your favourite vapour liquid. Remember: A dry atomizer is a DEAD atomizer.

BIANSI ELife Cartrige Housing and Wick Assembly

The Wick in the base of the cartridge cone can be cleaned as well using hot water. As with the atomizer, you must ensure that it is completely dry after cleaning. Carefully, towel dry using a clean, dry paper towel or tissue so as not to dislodge the wick fibers. Use tweezers to remove and replace the wick. After replacing you MUST also re-prime the wick.

Additional Questions - Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any additional questions or concerns about your device. Just send us an email us at and we will do everything we can to assist you. Your success is our success.

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