Biansi ELife

BIANSI ELife Electronic Cigarette/Personal Vaporizer

BIANSI ELife Structure Breakdown

The ELife Electronic Cigarette has several components as illustrated in the photo above.

Cartridge - The Cartridge is where you put your choice of vapour liquid. The Cartridge will hold approximately 1.1ml of liquid. To fill the cartridge, you "can" remove the silicone cap on the end of the cartridge and drip liquid directly into the chamber but we recommend using a needle tip bottle to prevent damaging the end cap. Continue filling the cartridge until the chamber is approximately 3/4 full.

Cartrige Housing/Wick - Inside the Cartrige Housing is a post with a tri-lobe slot onto which the Cartrige will be seated. When inserting the Cartridge into the atomizer, the post must penetrate the hole in the bottom of the cartridge. On the underside of the Cartrige Housing is where you will find the Wick. The wick is loose fibers on one end and wrapped in a wire mesh at the other. The wire mesh end is placed inside the post and the loose fiber end will "dust" the top of the coil, thus "wicking" the liquid down to the atomizer coil.

BIANSI ELife Cartrige Housing and Wick Assembly

The Wick can be changed when it gets dirty or burnt tasting. Use tweezers to remove the wick by grabbing all the wick fibers and pull the wick straight out of the hole. Replace cleaned or new wick using tweezers by pushing the wick into the hole. Caution: Do not force the wick all of the way to the top as there should be enough length of the wick exposed to touch the atomizer coil

BIANSI ELife Changeable Coil and Coil Housing Assembly

Coil - The Changeable Coil heats the liquid contained in the cartridge to produce the vapour. When you first get your device you will have to prime it. Unscrew the Cartridge housing from the Coil housing and put a drop of liquid on the coil. It is very important to not let your coil run dry. Running it dry will burn out your coil and it will need to be replaced. When inserting the Cartridge into the Cartridge Housing, the post must penetrate the hole in the bottom of the cartridge.

Switch - Your batteries are equipped with a 5-click off/off feature. Press the Switch 5 times quickly within 2 seconds, your battery will flash, it will now be off. Press it again 5 times again to turn it back on. They usually ship in the off position.

Battery - The Battery is a lithium ion battery. When you first get your kit you should charge your batteries completely. It will take approximately 2 hours to fully charge your batteries. Your battery will last for 5-10 hours of use, depending on your usage habits.

eGo Pigtail and Charger

Charger - The Charger "pig tail" can be plugged into a USB port on your computer or into the USB wall adapter that plugs into your standard household outlet. When screwing the battery into the charger it should be snug but do not over tighten. When you feel it stop that is good. The light on the "pig tail" will turn red and remain red while it is charging your battery. Once fully charged it will turn green. Charging generally takes about 1.5-2.5 hours on the wall charger but could take longer when connected to the computer or other USB port.

Care and Maintenance - This is an electronic device; do not use water to clean any of the electrical connectors. Every day, clean the atomizer threading, the battery threading and the inside threading on the charger with a piece of dry paper towel. Every 2-3 days your ELife atomizer should be cleaned with (USP) isopropyl alcohol Use a small brush to take off any residue that has built up on the heating coil. NOTE: Do not damage or deform the coils of the atomizer. Damaging or deforming the coil may cause a break or short which would permanently damage your atomizer as well as possibly damage the battery. The ELife wick can also be cleaned under hot water, remove the wick gently with tweezers, run under hot water, towel dry and replace. Keep all components out of the reach of children, and pets.

Additional Instructions - Additional detailed instructions on Care and Maintenance of your Biansi ELife device can be found here.

Additional Questions - Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any additional questions or concerns about your device. Just send us an email us at and we will do everything we can to assist you. Your success is our success.

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