Call to Action - ON Bill 45 Petition

Posted by The VapeMate Team on 12/2/2014 to Industry
Call to ACTION for Ontario Vapers

ATTENTION VapeMate Customers - As you know, we do not send emails very often but when we do, it is usually of an urgent nature.

As many of you are probably already aware, Ontario Bill 45 (Making Healthier Choices Act, 2014) contains three schedules, one of which is the Electronic Cigarettes Act, 2014. This Act will effectively treat Electronic Cigarettes as a Tobacco product. Some examples of what will result from this Act, as it is currently written:

  • No Sales to Under 19 (one agreeable point)
  • No Displays of Electronic Cigarette hardware
  • No Displays of E-Liquid (with or without nicotine)
  • No Listing of flavours
  • No Showing consumers how to use or troubleshoot the devices
  • No Vaping in Vape Shops, thus no Vape Lounges
  • No Ontario Based Online Sales (Questionable but it is Display and Promotion)
  • No Indoor Vape Meets in Public Spaces (Even if private club, a paid venue or rented space)
  • No Vaping in vehicle with persons under 16 years old
  • Many other restrictions

Think about when you walk into a Gas Station or 7-Eleven. What do you see, related to tobacco cigarettes? The same will apply to Vape Shops and Ontario based On-line stores.

The Industry NEEDS your help battle this Bill. Please download and print this petition: Petition Bill 45

Get as many signatures as possible, as quickly as possible! (Note: They MUST be Ontario Residents) If you fill up your sheet, do NOT use a continuation sheet with just signatures. The words of the petition should be on every sheet. For additional signatures, it is important that you print another page of the document.

Since the Bill is in the House right now for Second Reading, timing is extremely critical. Over the next few days (or just one day if you prefer), at the end of each day mail out signed petition's to this address:

Dina Juzytsch
7 Anne St S
Unit 6
Barrie, ON L4N 2C4

Please continue to do this until the end of this week. We need you to help us make this happen so that we can work toward REASONABLE regulation. If you have ANY questions at all, please do not hesitate to ask.

Thank you!
VapeMate Staff
(Char, John, Steve, Annie)

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