Canada Bill S-5 Call to Action (3 minutes)

Posted by VapeMate on 9/1/2017 to Federal Regulation
Call to ACTION for Canadian Vapers, Smokers and Supporters
It will take you less than 3 minutes to make a difference in the future of vaping.

Senate Bill S-5 is up for Second Reading in the House of Commons

When the members of parliament return to Ottawa on September 18, 2017, it will be back to business. When the broke for the summer, Bill S-5 had just completed First Reading.

There are a significant number of VERY big issues within the bill that will do significant damage to your ability to get and use the vaping products that you currently use, thus keep you away from smoking.

There is an official parliamentary e-petition that desperately needs support. It needs YOUR support, your family's support and the support of all of your friends as well.

Now, we've all seen and heard about petitions, electronic and paper that seem to go nowhere, but official Parliamentary E-petitions are different. E-petitions are sponsored by a sitting Member of Parliament. Once it reaches 500 signatures must be read and debated in the House of Commons. A dedicated group of advocates have been working all summer to put this in place to ensure that all vapers voices can be heard, not just a select few. Please sign the petition below and help vaping, help save our industry! Be heard!



  • Scientific studies by the Royal College of Physicians in 2016 determined that vaping is at least 95% less harmful than smoking tobacco;
  • Scientific studies by Victoria University in 2017 backs up and substantiates findings from the Royal College of Physicians studies; and
  • The public and consumer have a right to a effective alternative designed to curb and break deadly tobacco addiction.

We, the undersigned, constituents, call upon the Government of Canada to halt and review Bill S-5 currently making its way through the House of Common. Create a fair and logical category for vape products apart from tobacco.

NOTE: After you sign a Parliamentary E-petition, you will receive an email to the email address that you specified. You MUST click the link in that email for your signature to count.

Please review and sign the petition here:

Thank you and vape proud!

VapeMate Team

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