July 16th, 2013 : 0713-116-01 : Courtesy of FlavourCrafters

16 July 2013 (0713-116-01)

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These test results have been provided as a courtesy by FlavourCrafters.

They contain results of three liquids that we currently carry and those flavours have been  highlighted  within the summary pages.

We are unable to provide this report in its entirety since it is not our report. Please contact them directly if you wish to obtain the entire report.

Flavour Export Tobacco
Mac Maurier
Mild Tobacco
Sample ID FC-004 FC-005 FC-006
Enthalpy Code 0713-116-1-04 0713-116-1-05 0713-116-1-06
Nicotine Concentration
MDL: 2.04 mg/ml
11.3 mg/ml 17.8 mg/ml 24.3 mg/ml
Diethylene glycol (DEG)
MDL: 2.23 µg/ml
MDL: 0.595 µg/ml
1.75 µg/m 2.03 µg/m 1.28 µg/m
MDL: 0.564 µg/m
6.24 µg/m ND ND
MDL: 0.718 µg/m
ND 2.60 µg/m ND
MDL: 0.549 µg/m
1.73 µg/m 1.64 µg/m 1.95 µg/m
pH 8.57 8.58 8.42
% Water 0.86% 3.84% 0.66%

ND: Non Detect or analytical result below the MDL.
J: Results flagged "J" are below the Lower Curve Limit, above the MDL, and are considered estimates.

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The pages of the report showing these results are below:

Cover Page Report Page 4 Report Page 5
Report Page 6 Report Page 7 Report Page 12

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