Kanger EVOD Batteries

7/18/2013 by Vapemate

The following notice was issued by KangerTech for EVOD Batteries (Issued 07/18/2013) - We have not sold any of these devices but are passing on the notice in the event that any of our customers might have purchased these from another supplier.

***RECALL*** There has been a recall issued for all EVOD BATTERIES manufactured before June 24th 2013!!!

These batteries could possibly EXPLODE during charge. If you've purchased Evod batteries, contact the vendor for directions on return/replacement.

Kanger EVOD Battery Photo

The potential faulty EVOD batteries are as below:

  • All EVOD 650mAh batteries in matte black, yellow, blue. Rest colors we sent before June 24.
  • ALL EVOD 1000mAh batteries in yellow, green. Rest colors we sent before June 24.
  • All EVOD starter kits in yellow. Rest colors we sent before June 24.
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