Melon Dramatic (30 mL)

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This Flavour has tested positive for Diacetyl (2,3-Butanedione) at 48.6 µg/ml (ppm). While this is a relatively small trace amount of this compound, we are doing our part to ensure that our customers can make an informed decision.

If you are not familiar with Diacetyl (2,3-Butanedione) / Acetyl Propionyl (2,3-Pentanedione), it has been "linked" (though without conclusive evidence) to a fatal disease known as "Popcorn Lung" (Bronchial Obliterans). And while in comparison, a single tobacco cigarette contains approximately 300 ppm of Diacetyl, no cases (or even remotely related cases) of Popcorn Lung have resulted from smoking tobacco cigarettes. So, is Diacetyl a concern? It can only be said that it is "a risk".

Running the numbers for comparison. If you were to smoke 20 tobacco cigarettes per day, your daily exposure for Diacetyl would be around 6,000 ppm (300 ppm x 20 = 6000). If you use 3 mL of Vapour Liquid per day, your daily exposure limit for Diacetyl would be around 145.8 ppm (48.6 x 3 = 145.8).

At this time, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has not set any "safe exposure limits" for inhalation of Diacetyl or Acetyl Propionyl, though it is permitted in food flavoring for the purposes of ingestion.

In speaking with the manufacturer we believe it could be coming from one of the flavourings. We will continue to work to eliminate the cause.

For details of the test, click here.

Evolve Max-VG, Melon Dramatic by FC

Have you ever seen a dramatic melon?? Us either!! But if there was one.. This would be the taste. A full-bodied experience with a strong melon inhale and a grape exhale. This flavour will be your next favourite all-day vape!

A honey dew, grape blend

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