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Posted by The VapeMate Team on 12/2/2015 to General
URGENT - Call to Action

Hundreds of thousands of Canadians have quit smoking in the last few years with the aid of Electronic vaporizers. The government of Ontario has passed Bill 45 (Royal Assent on May 28, 2015) that effectively classifies these devices as a tobacco product. Vaping is NOT smoking. There is no smoke nor tobacco in a vape and the science is quickly catching up with the technology.

On January 1st regulations go into effect in Ontario that will harm the success of those wishing to make the switch from smoking to vaping. Retailers will no longer be allowed to have their customers test the products in store, which is essential to the success of each person quitting smoking. Vape retailers agree that the vaping industry needs regulations. They however believe that the regulations need to be based on fact and research and not hidden agendas. The Government of Ontario says that they want a smoke free Ontario but they have granted exemptions for big tobacco.

The Pending Regulations in Bill 45 do not make sense. We need fair and equitable regulations in Ontario. Calgary and Winnipeg have exemptions for Vape shops. Ontario should follow suit. Not only will this legislation put thousands of people in Ontario out of work, this legislation as is will deter thousands from quitting smoking in 2016.

This is a rally being held to voice our opinions on equitable regulations for the electronic cigarette industry in Ontario, Canada. Please respect all opinions and views, it is critical that everyone behaves in a mature fashion. 19+ ONLY.

Vapor Advocates of Ontario Queens Park Rally December 5th, 2015

This rally is being hosted by ALL OF US.

Please bring fellow vapers, family members, friends, anyone over 19 years of age that supports vaping. The media WILL be there and we NEED to come out in en masse for this to be a success.

DATE: DECEMBER 5th, 2015
TIME: 1:15PM – 3:00PM
PLACE: 111 Wellesley Street West, Toronto, ON

*** NOTE:  This is a coordinated event so we ask that you contact Vapor Advocates of Ontario before attending

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For more information, PLEASE visit Vapor Advocates of Ontario:

The VapeMate Team

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