SMPL Mod Clone
SMPL Mod Clone

SMPL Mod Clone

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SMPL Mod Clone - This device is NOT recommended for use as your first Electronic Cigarette

The SMPL Mod is a 1:1 clone of the original made by Epic Design Studios. The original creators worked for a year to produce a mod that would simplify the vaping experience and ended up with the SMPL, the SMPL mod is more than just a simple design. No more top cap, bottom cap and having to adjust contact pins! Constructed of one solid tube the Innovative, compact design has eliminated the traditional top cap and hybrid adapter.

The no top cap design will boost its performance while extending battery life and provide users with almost no voltage drop. It has a simple short throw recessed button that easily threads and un-threads from the tube with a finger or coin. You simply twist on your atomizer, drop in your battery, and twist up your button. That’s it.

Features at a Glance:

  • No top cap design
  • Direct connection from atomizer to battery
  • Single 18650 tube
  • Removable bottom switch
  • Spring loaded firing switch
  • Battery vents in button
  • Short throw recessed button

WARNING: There is NO insulator between the positive and negative post for your atomizing device. The center pin of your atomizer makes direct contact with the top of the battery. It is absolutely imperative that the center pin of your atomizing device extend further than the threads so that the threads do not touch the top of the battery. If the center pin and threading are flush, the result will be a direct short of the battery resulting in a potential catastrophic failure of your device.

WARNING: Always Use Batteries from Reputable Brands Such as AW, Efest, Sony or Samsung. Failure to Use These Batteries Can Result in Explosion and/or other Catastrophic Failure. We only recommend IMR batteries for their quality & safety record. DO NOT stack batteries in this device, PERIOD.

*** PLEASE NOTE *** This kit does NOT include Batteries or Charging Unit but they are available from this website. See Accessories below for links to those options.

NOTE: This product is covered for Warranty under the Brand-X terms.

NOTE: When using this device, you should be familiar with Ohm's Law.


This device is not for beginners. This is a hybrid "Mod" which is an advanced variation of a mechanical Mod and intended for use by advanced users only. Do not use atomizing devices that have a flush or floating center pin. Do not use batteries that are overcharged. Do not use batteries that are over-discharged. Do not use batteries that are damaged in any way. Ensure that the batteries are suitable for the Mod and atomizing device combination. Contact us if you have any questions before purchasing this device.

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