Survival Match Fire Starter

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Survival Match Fire Starter

So you've made the switch from smoking Tobacco products to using Electronic Cigarettes, have you?

AWESOME!!! And Congratulations!!

Now... Consider this (true story):

My wife and I both made the switch, together back in 2011 and couldn't be happier!

She and I packed up the boat for a long overdue shore lunch and went out on a fishing trip. We needed the break and caught ourselves a good feed of Walleye (Pickerel). We pulled up on a nearby island to setup for a long awaited fresh fish, potatoes and corn. I cleaned the fish while my wife started gathering some firewood.

Yeah, you know where this is going...

Getting ready to start the fire, I reached into my pocket and ... um ... "Honey? Do you have a lighter?"


Guess what I have now! One of these! (several have placed in strategic locations, in fact) And we brought in enough for you guys too!

This is a useful and convenient tool for the general outdoors, camping, emergency and survival. The Survival Match is small, lightweight and easy to carry. Attach it to your car keys, boat keys, belt loop, your camping/hiking gear or throw it in your fishing tackle box. Purchase several and put one in/on all of the above.

The housing is waterproof and can be used virtually an unlimited number of times.

The unit is sold with no fluid and will be dry when you received the item. For fuel, you can use kerosene (recommended), lighter fluid or even gasoline. All that you need to do is dip the striker into the fluid to soak the wick. You can also put a few drops liquid inside the housing but do not not "soak" the filler. DO NOT OVER FILL (if you do overfill, drain as much fluid as possible from the housing and leave it open so that some of the excess liquid can evaporate)

Light the match by positioning the metal blade of the striker stick against the flint and flicking downward (away from the opening of the housing) against the the flint body. Be certain that the metal blade of the striker stick is against the flint. It may take a couple of tries but it is easy to master after just a few times.

If you find that the match is becoming difficult to light, the flame is smaller than usual or that the wick seems to be dry, the wick should be dipped in igniter fluid again.

General Warnings

The lighter contains flammable liquid, so keep out of reach of children. Strike away from any combustible materials as hot embers may fly from the flint and burn surfaces. Keep the flame away from the lighter housing. Do NOT insert the striking rod into the housing while still burning. Blow out the flame after use and ensure that the flame is out before inserting into the housing. Avoid long exposure to sunshine or a place where temperature is over 45°C. Don't keep the lighter burning longer than necessary. Ensure that the screw cap is tight after use to help prevent evaporation and keep the insides dry.

NOTE: This product is sold as is and has No Warranty Coverage.

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